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What’s Real?

It has never been possible to talk to all folk, about everything.

Most folk, do not want to listen.

Comfort, is what most dream about. Dying comfortably.

To teach or to consider, just the surface of things, is enough.

To draw conclusions, before understanding, is fine.

To see why we are here, what to action, what to prepare for the next, these are the concern of the few.

Those very few, brave, often damaged folk, who live beyond choice.

They have no choice.

Once you see, there is no choice.

Once the door is opened, it can never be closed.

Reality is sneaky like that.

Once you truly practice imagination, then there is no way to return to repeat.

Once you’ve seen through the dark, there is no light.

Once you have seen this far, you are damaged.

Only the damaged physician heals.

When you have seen through the dark, there is no need of light.

Light and dark are still mind, two sides of the same blade.

You realise your best friend was actually the devil, the trickster. The lord of light, lucifer. All the teasing and tricking was to get you to turn around. Turn and see the fire, not the shadows that the firelight throws onto the walls.

Distractions. Dreams. Repeats. Confusion. All those little devils that led you down the path to seeing for yourself. Your best friends leading you along the dance of life into clarity. Seeing beyond doubt, discussion, babble.

Dance, dance who ever you may be.

For I am the lord of the dance said he.

I’ll lead you all in the dance with me.

For I am the lord of the dance said he.

Some call it god, some call it devil. Good and bad, two sides of the same coin.

If you want the rainbow, you gotta have the rain.

Meet me in the meadows beyond good and bad.

Wrote The Poet.

And then we dance, reed and wind.

The true purpose of words is to lead us to dance beyond words.

The best poems, spiral into silence.

Insight sees.

Seeing is not describing, speaking, discussing, thinking, deciding, evaluating.

There is no object, no observer. No subject, no movement. No distance, no shift.

Insight sees.

Practice to see insights.

The tools to practice insight are imagination, intuition, inspiration.

Create perfumes. Project images. Sculpt forms. Cleanse words. Move limbs. Smile more. Laugh generously. Give space. Be silent. Still.

All without utilising words, or word thoughts.

See insights.

No insight, no art.

In silence is insight.

No insight, no art, no life.

Insight is reality.

No insight, no reality.

Look into your loved one’s eyes in silence.

Do you need societies laws to weigh actions?

You hold both of your hearts in your hands.

Insight appears.

Do you heed it? Ignore it? Look away? See it, but diminish it?

If you ignore insight, you crush both hearts, a little.

Each time, a little more.

Practice bringing insight into life.

Simple everyday actions.

Intuition lead’s the way.

Imagination renews actions and possibilities.

Inspiration moves those we touch.

Inside these actions, we cleanse words, back to the essence from which they were born. The original sounds, waves, realities.

Insights seen, but not brought into everyday life, are immoral.

Insights are everyone’s.

Reality is commons.


Commons is not owned, private, hoarded, preserved, banked.

Commons is not sharing. Sharing is never reality.

There is no control in commons.

The axe is never sad for the tree.

We must meet in the meadows beyond good or bad to dance.

If this makes no sense, walk on.

If there is a glimmer, walk with me.

See a while.

I would be glad of your company.

Who knows, we may even dance, a little.

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