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Sleep Walking

We Dream Within Dreams.

There are few of us who live life, awake.

So, there are few of us who live life.

Most of us are sleep walking.


The sun shines and yet still, we sleep walk.

We repeat the same dreams, the same patterns, the same attractions and repulsion.

Day after day. Night after night. Year after year. Life after life.

We sleep inside of dreams. We dream within dreams. Our own dreams and those dreams of others. All constructs, all dreams. All shades of grey. Greys dancing inside of greys. Shifting, repeating. Circling. Endlessly.

As long as we entertain totem and taboo, keep the peace, we strive to escape into greys.

These greys are nothing more than sleeps, and in sleeping, we dream.

We sleep inside of other sleeps.

And we dream this is life.

We strip back one dream to reveal another inside and name that reality. a deeper love, a truer life, a more certain existence, a stronger god.

We awake from inside. We awake from inside one repeating dream to the inside of yet another. And we repeat that dream. We sleep still. We sleep walk.

We sleep all through the maze corridors of repetition. This is mind. Mind repeats. It is built to repeat. This is the self constructed, self agreed, self perpetuated prison, time

We name time, life.

But this is far from life.

We cling to our dreams, our sleep walking. We dream we become our dreams. Our sleepwalks. Our vanity invests in them, our identity is them, our life retells them. We cannot imagine our self without them. All dreams.

Some, more skilled at dreaming than others, involve others in their own dreams. We name these dreams religions and politics, sciences and knowledge. Life has nothing to do with these dreams.

Life is wise seeing. Life is imagination. Life is insight. These are consciously visited. They are practised only when awake. There are no dreams or fantasies in imagination. We choose consciously beyond the dreams and sleep walking sleeps. We are awake when we imagine. This wise choice, sees exactly what is before it, and only that. There is no dream, no self based creation or design. There is only insight. Then a choice to repeat those insights into our sleep walking dreams.

If we choose to repeat, select to re-occur, then we are closer to awake actions.

This awake choice requires awareness, consciousness. Aliveness.

Choice is our only magic.

Choice is life.

The foundation of choice is the acceptance of responsibility.

We choose to be responsibility for our choice.

The one who chooses, is responsible for the action and the outcomes.

There are no grey areas.

Choice is black and white.

Grey belongs to the sleep walking mind.

Imagination sees what is in front of it. There is no grey in insight. No doubt. No discussion. Therefore insight action is pure life. This inspires.

Mind will never inspire itself. It may only be inspired by imagination, insight and intuition. These are beyond mind. True intelligence. True life.

Intuition is called madness, illusion by mind. Because it is beyond mind’s understanding and perception. Therefore it can never be measured by mind. Anything that mind cannot measure is beyond mind and termed irrational.

Actually, intuition, imagination and insight are more rational than mind. Mind is based on emotion of arrogance and pride. The peacock needs to be correct and admired for correctness. The best way to be correct, always is to repeat. And repeat and repeat until the repeat is perfect every time. If mind cannot measure something beyond its repeats, it denounces them as fantasy or madness.

They are beyond mind. So mind may be pardoned for its limited ignorance of life. Life is dynamic, evolving, changing, growing. Alive.

Life is diversity, vitality and therefore nutrition. It is beyond repeats. It utilizes repeats for a limited timeframe to re-grow itself or restore a biome. Then, a virus emerges to upgrade the ecosystem beyond current safe repeats. This is life’s evolution. Be it DNA, bacteria, mind, planet or universe.

We are here to wake up.

When we wake up, we naturally open the door to other states like imagination, intuition and insight.

We are inspired to walk beyond the repeats of everyday life and society. The current social consciousness is a mind construct to control energies into repeat patterns that create money or food or economy or babies. A social construct is always a debtors system. The few gather the produce and the many repeat to produce. The few always in plenty and the many always in debt.

Imagination gives. Imagination is never in debt. Imagination never creates debt. Nature never creates debt. There are no banks, only libraries. There are no refrigerators, only waste eaten by another life form. There is plenty of natural capital for all of nature’s lifeforms. Until mind steals and gathers natural capital into reserves only for the human animals. The biome is healthy and dynamic and evolving until humans animals limit natural diversity into foods only for the human animals.

Mind is debt.

Imagination grows.

When you allow consciousness of your body to fall into sleep, stay awake.

When you allow consciousness of your emotions to fall into sleep, stay awake.

When you allow consciousness of mind to fall into sleep, stay awake.

When you allow consciousness of imagination to inspire, you are awake.

Consciousness decides where it will take you.

Certainly beyond mind repeats.

The insights perceived should be brought into mind, emotion and body actions. These insights should be re-lived, everyday.

Insights should be shared with others who will listen and act upon them.

Insights should be given new or clean words to express them and re-tell them.

Give insights stories to bring them to life.

Sing insights with music, paint insights with art, sculpt insights into stone and wood, photograph and video insights. Pass insights on, beyond your own words and art or beyond mind.

Allow insights to grow into the next social consciousness.

This is evolution.

This is growth.

This is life.

Or, you may stay sleepwalking.

It’s comfortable. It’s easy, just waiting for the body to die.

Just observe life. Movies, tv, online, games, photographs, memories. Repeats.

Imagination, intuition, inspire insights that require boldness and bravery.

These states take grit and stamina.

When all around you are telling you to sit down and shut up, you see you are on the right road. You are alive, they are sleepwalking.

Take heart, step up! Be honest.

See again, is it eco or ego?

Imagination or mind? Insight or peacock?

Because never forget, you and you alone are responsible. You will pay the price for the tune you call. Life never blames the piper. Your actions are yours alone.

So we must practice.

Practice imagination, intuition, insight.

Practice this more than anything else in existence.

We need to be certain, beyond mind, beyond doubt, beyond discussion.

We need to see that it is insight and not mind.

If you cannot see this, stop.

Practice, practice, practice until you see.

When you see, you see.

There is no doubt in imagination or intuition.

They are not fantasy. Mind is fantasy. SleepWalking fantasy.

Are you inspired? Inspiration never arises in mind.

i3 is beyond control.

Why does no school practice imagination? Why do companies never train how to go beyond mind repeats? Why do religions insist on repeating sacred texts? Why do parents never show intuition and imagination are the keys to real life?

A safe, comfortable life is repeats everyday.

Don’t do that, you are a girl!

Big boys don’t cry.

You will never amount to anything. If you don’t do as I say, you will never get anywhere. Sit still and listen! Be quiet. Why are you day dreaming when you should be cramming for the exams?


Educe: Latin to draw out from within.

The opposite of stuff in, from the outside.

Imagination, intuition, inspiration all educe. This inspires beyond schools, teachers, masters, leaders and gods.

Intuition will lead us in the right direction for imagination to show us insights of life. Reality is inside, invisible. Outside, visible, is just reflections of inside. Repeats shadows flickering on the cave walls of society. Agreed to, kept flickering, by social consciousness. The fire of life, invisible, is not where we have been trained to focus. We need to raise our eyes from the screens and turn to see.


The art of life is simple.

How do we get others to pay us for practicing imagination, intuition and insight? How can we get society to value inspiration above money?

The entire human animal population will never be concerned about living real life.

They are after all human animals. 99% of their DNA is shared with apes and bananas. It is possible to exist inside a comfortable, repeat life. Why be adventurous and bold? It sounds dangerous, on the edge!

Let’s look at 10% of the human animal population that has some feeling about intuition or imagination being a skill. They recall insights they have shared with loved ones. They see the value of art, music and diversity as being vital to the growth of our planet. They act, in simple ways, everyday, to do what they can. Even if families, friends and next door laughs at them.

These human beings want to see beyond animal life.

They see human as being beyond self comfort and self care.

They see life as not me but we.

They have begun to live in symbiosis with all of life.

Even if just a little. The little the current social consciousness allows. And no more.

This is the action space.

The nazi party grew the social consciousness repeats to control even these human beings into submission. So does mass media tv and online sms.

Communication controls mind repeats to limit the introduction of insights and new word use, new clean definitions.

Mein Kampf is the bible of naziism just as the Christian’s bible or the Koran or the Vedahs or the US constitution or any book of protocols. They were fine in their time.

If hundreds or thousand of years have passed since they were written, then it’s time to clean words.

It’s time for insights into today’s life with todays words.

If we clean the words and insights and still decide to live by these protocols, then that is wonderful.

We need to be responsible for our everyday actions.

It is what any supreme being would wish.

We need to go beyond past mind repeats and consciously adore inspiration into our daily actions.

Those who understand this, wish to practice imagination and insight.

These human beings are waiting to practice together.

They are peering dimly into rooms of intuition and imagination.

They still keep one foot in mind, as trained, as they should.

It takes practice to see.

It needs practice to take that one step.

It takes practice to let go.

When you were a kid did you practice to jump off a wall?

After you’d done it once, you lived. You did it again. And again.

An adult worries about all the things that can go wrong.

They practice black magic against themselves. Mind controls.

Kids see that it is possible.


Then they practice imagination again and again.

Until they have it beaten out of them in school or by a controlling mother.

I climbed walls and mountains with my kids. I never once said, be careful! Don’t fall!

Mostly silent, sometimes I asked, can you?

They were left alone to see inside if their bodies and confidence could take the next step. They usually did, and smiled inside. Skipping home.

It takes practice.

Practice leads to inspiration.

In spire. In spiral.

Spirals move up, or move down.

There is no grey area.

We live in consciousness or we die, in mind. We increase or decrease in consciousness.

We need to clean words.

Re-grow words.

Mind repeats run on repeating word meanings.

Male. Female. Work. Play. Education.

We need to clean words, inside out.

We need a new dictionary. A new set of repeats.


This action is beyond mind.

Imagination and intuition show us insight that cleans words.

If you grow a circle of friends who want to practice imagination, you will be rewarded. The insights of others grow us faster than insights of our own.

Allow intuition to become the norm in your everyday meetings and discussions. Inspire others when you see what is needed.

Simple, everyday actions, when they are correct, are inspiring.

We are not discussing spirituality. We are not talking about neo-hippy lifestyles. We are not making space for leaders or evangelists or life-stylers.

This is way beyond vegans, vegetarians and macro B animals. Focussed on their own body and emotional self.

We are talking about exchanging insights.

We are talking about smiles, thank you’s, digging garden’s together and offering beer’s, when the time is right.

Timing is key.

Neo-hippies always have bad timing. They always want to love and be loved and help and give. Is this real life? Or fantasy. Maybe the person in front of you does not want help or does not like you. Or simply needs to be left alone.

If you cannot see this, it is not insight. It is arrogance and peacock.

Insight sees the timing.

Intuition knows the timing.

Imagination grows the timing.

Inspiration ensures the timing for all parties, not just the giver.

The timing may be next year or next lifetime.

Seeing, sees this.

There is no doubt.

The only protocols for not sleepwalking are imagination, intuition, inspiration and insights.

There are no rules.

There are no do’s or don’ts.

There are no bibles.

It is insight, action, insight, action.

Life is dynamic, evolving.

Today’s you, will not be tomorrow’s you.

Today’s language will not be tomorrow’s language.

Today’s action will not be tomorrow’s action.

Repeats mean sleepwalking.

Stay awake.


Every moment.


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