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Two Breaking Points

I am spinning, spiraling.

Out into silence. Stillness.

You think, away from you.

By my side is reality. Hold my heart close?

But I spin, spiral, beyond those words.

How far may I spiral before you leave me?

If we dance, we spiral commons.

Insight is not controlled.

No guides, teachers, leaders.

No rules, bibles, dictionaries.

How far may I spiral before you leave me?

I am not leaving. I am becoming.

Through the looking glass, into fullness.

Reality opens, grows, unfolds.

We educe life.

How far may I spiral before you leave me?

I am beyond those everyday words.

Love. Hate. Good. Bad. Share. Win. Gain. Give. Fear. Peace.

So how may we talk together?

I have no concern for what those words deliver.

No appetite.

So how may we dance together?

Good morning. It’s sunny today. Yes. Thank you.

We exchange.

No insight, no life.

No insight, no art.

No insight, no silence.

Be still and see.

See beyond those everyday words.

Cleanse them. Live clean.

Exchange here.

This is how we may talk together.

In true language. Vital. Shining.

Grow new actions in common.

Let’s practice this together.

Inspire ourselves, to spiral.

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